Wednesday, June 4, 2014

S-Smart U-Unique C-Clever C-Confident E-Exceptional S-Superb S-Sensational= SUCCESS

Those are a few of the things that come to mind when I think of the word SUCCESS. To read more blog about success -------> http://dogagilityblogevents.
        I think for everyone success differs greatly. My success is probably different than people I run with and there's may be different from anyone in their agility class. I think mostly because we all have different reasons we play the game of agility.

       Originally I got started in agility because I thought it was FUN! And then I went through a super competitive phase where if we didn't Q at all I would get super peeved. Now my first agility dog taught me more than I could of ever asked for, and most of it doesn't even pertain to agility. He taught me how to love your dog for who they are and respect their fears & doubts. I seriously for a long time considered giving up on doing anymore. I got a little female border collie shortly after this period in my life. And she was the best blessing in disguise I could have asked for!
      She has taught me that the little success' are EVERYTHING! Whether it be keeping our crazy brain in our little border collie head to just enjoying the fact she loves to play this game with me! Our story began with me not even getting a puppy but then last minute I emailed her breeder and she said there's one puppy left. And I was so excited to get an email back after I told her I wanted on the list. She emailed me back and said it was her sister. I was still excited but I knew there was something about the "dark faced" "red collared" girl that was special to me. I told her breeder that I would take her sister and a week later got an email saying someone dropped off the list and I now had pick between the two puppies. I just had to have this cute little "dark faced" border collie. OMG she stole my heart from the day her breeder sent me week 1 pictures.
      Anyway long story short is that I received this little girlie and she was nothing like what I had "pictured" in my brain. I wanted this agility super star puppy that was going to take me places. The first week I had her I seriously thought what the heck am I doing!!!! I can't do this! She's a really sweet puppy but this isn't going to work! She tugged like a maniac but forget about working with me to get the tug it just wasn't happening. We worked little by little and soon enough we had small sequences and so on and so forth. She was afraid of a lot of things and not a super confident puppy. She didn't want to play with other puppies at all (to me I was super worried, little did I know a HUGE gift!). I soon accepted that fact and it has been the best ever since!
       This little girl is my heart and soul now! I love her to death and couldn't ask for a better agility partner. Our little successes have made our journey an amazing trip indeed. Along came Rhap who taught me a ton of patience and taught me how to lose gracefully! Once I quit caring about the Q with him, everything seemed to fall together. We were just having fun and boy does it feel good now when we do Q. We work very hard at keeping his head on straight but it has been a wonderful journey to getting where we are now.
        Then came little Breeze. OH BOY! We got her home and the first day we went to do any sort of training. She kind looked at you like why should I do that? That would just be stupid! Super relaxed puppy who just seriously wanted to go have some FUN! Forget working!
Again I thought to myself. WHY? Here we go again...haha. And then I thought ok think it over again. What do we need to do to get her to work. FUN! This dog is tons of fun now and teaches me a new lesson every time I get the chance to play with her!(when Katie's not running her).

Anyway learn to love the little things! They don't care whether or not they get a green ribbon or not! They just want to play and make you happy! Don't fail them by making their success, your failure. I still kick myself in the butt and have a hard time walking out of the ring "happy" when I fail my dogs but I have to remember to help them celebrate their successes too!!! HAVE FUN! That's what it's all about!

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