Thursday, December 4, 2014

Continuing Education

   It’s dog agility action blog day.... Subject- Continuing Education. It’s weird this is a hard subject for me to write about but at the same time it’s kind of my passion about the sport. I love to learn new things and different styles of handling and it’s what I love about agility! Everyone can have success but your education to that success can be completely different!
y love for agility continues to grow because there’s so many different ways to achieve our goals. As far as education goes there’s so many different ways to do that now too. We all learn differently, as do our dogs, so the easiest way for me to learn might be different from yours. I learn by first watching and then trying things. So I do attend seminars, classes, private lessons and so on. Find someone you really enjoy to work with and GO! Someone that's active in the sport and continues to learn as well! I get super excited to try something new, thus my dogs are always excited to go learn with me! I love reading articles as well and love hearing others thoughts on agility. Thus the blog inspiration haha.
I think part of us is forced to have to learn new things due to the fact that the sport is ever evolving. Which is wonderful don’t get me wrong but it also seems like enough is never enough. Does that even make sense? When can we just be happy that our dogs GET IT! See here I go again….I love to learn but look at that last statement! WEIRD! RIGHT?!? Anyway….each organization evolves differently and so you’re forced to keep up with whatever organization(s) you trial in, if you choose to keep doing so. It’s great that the sport is evolving which I think it has to because we’re getting better and better at the sport then right? RIGHT! So keep on learning my friends and should you make mistakes along your journey get back up and try again!

            I love agility, it’s my passion, along with teaching people. I love seeing people and dogs GET IT! I know short blog but that's really my only thoughts on it. For now....


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